Beecher Depot

From the agrarian roots of the 1890's 2,200 Beecherites share a unique lifestyle steeped in family values, pride in community and spiritual fellowship. This lifestyle is reflected everyday as people pick-up their mail from the central post office, school children are escorted across streets by Village Police, and through Sunday attendance at one of eight churches located in the Beecher area.

Away from the surrounding busy metropolitan areas where most people work, Beecher retains a quaint atmosphere of a rural hamlet proud of its small town country living. This pride shows throughout the Village along quiet residential streets lined with well-maintained historic homes. Residents stroll on sidewalks along tree lined streets each evening, while others walk downtown to the post office, participate in social activities housed in the Community Center and sports programs located at Fireman's Park, or visit with neighbors at one of the two ice cream parlors.

Beecher is poised for future growth as more people seek the respite of small community living to offset the fast pace of the modern day work world. Responsive government assisted by concerned citizens serving on voluntary commissions and boards seek to retain the characteristics of Beecher through restoration of the Downtown to the 1905 era and creation of Village appearance standards for the community.

While growth will change the number of people living in the community, Beecher's proud past remains the guide for the future.