Curbside Leaf Collection to begin on October 14th

Leaf raking season is here again! Leaves raked in rows along the curbside are picked up by a large vacuum machine used by Public Works crews on a weekly basis until the end of November (depending on the weather).

Residents should place leaves in a pile or row in the parkway, between the sidewalk and curb as near to the street as possible.  Leaves should not be placed in the streets because it will clog storm drains when it rains, potentially causing flooding. In areas without curbs, leaves should be placed in long rows on the grass or parkway at the edge of the street.  Do not mix leaves with branches or grass clippings. These things will damage the leaf machine. The leaf machine will make at least one pass per week down each street in the Village depending on the weather.  



As the leaves fall, protect your home from storm water flow by cleaning your house gutters and the street drains. It takes a surprisingly small event to cause serious damage when the storm drain is blocked. Leaves break down quickly when mowed or placed in a compost pile.

Storm drains are the metal grates that are found on streets, often at corners and on the sides of curbs and gutters. The purpose of the storm drain is to help prevent flooding by diverting rainwater and melted snow off of the streets and other paved surfaces and into a natural body of water. We appreciate your help in keeping the gutters clean!