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paymentdropboxThe Village Hall has a payment drop box to the left of the front entry doors for after hours payments. Checks only. Please do not leave cash in the drop box. 



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Welcome to the Village of Beecher


The Village of Peotone now offers an electronics recycling drop off center open on the first and third Wednesdays of the month at 208 E. Main Street, Peotone. This center is only open to Will County residents. For more information click here.



ComEd's new electrical supply rates for the next eighteen months are now less expensive than most third party suppliers including the Village's current residential supplier, Homefield Energy.  If you wish to take advantage of lower electric rates, call Homefield Energy at 1-866-694-1262 and ask to be switched back to ComEd for your electric supply. There is no charge for this switch and it could save a homeowner an estimated $60 in the coming year. For more details on the reasons for this change, please click here for a letter from the Village (Electric Aggregation Information).




Greg2  Below is an update on some things I am being asked by residents:

Sales Tax Referendum
I would like to thank all of you who voted in the recent primary election which included our sales tax referendum for public infrastructure.  The referendum did pass. 739 yes and 403 no.  The additional 1/2% sales tax will become effective after July 1st.

Penfield Street Water Main Project
We are continuing to do the engineering for the Penfield Street water main project.  While it obviously is to replace the water main, it also includes repaving of the street, repairing or replacing the bridge at the creek, and improves lighting and esthetics from Dixie Highway to Reed Street.  Work on the water main is scheduled in the fall of 2016 unless there are unforeseen delays.  The road and bridge construction is scheduled to begin in 2020.

Old Downtown
Several buildings in the old downtown area on Gould Street North of Penfield are currently being renovated.  Current plans are for two tavern type restaurants and a pottery store with an open area possibly to be used for consignments or special sales on a specific day of the week for crafts, paintings, etc.  The Village is currently making plans for improvements in that same area which includes repairs to the sidewalk on the West side of the street, installation of a railing, cosmetic repairs to the raised portion of the sidewalk, and additional amenities.

Also in the old downtown area, on Penfield between Reed and Woodward, a video gaming café is planned in what was Bills Restaurant and another video gaming café may come to Beecher along Route #1.  A video gaming café provides a different atmosphere for gambling machines. Due to a recent ordinance approved by the Village Board, anyone who intends to have gambling machines in Beecher must serve alcohol and food. State law only requires an establishment serve alcohol to have video gaming machines. The number of liquor licenses issued by the Village is controlled by Village Ordinance and is based on population.  With that in mind, the number of gaming machines allowed in the Village is controlled by population since you must serve alcohol to have a gaming machine.

Parkway Trees
We are continuing our efforts to remove dead parkway trees caused by the emerald ash borer.  We will continue to remove these trees based upon how bad they are.  Usually in the fall, we contract a tree removal service to take out the stumps in a group, as the budget will allow.  We will replace the trees also as the budget allows.  If you have a concern over the safety of your tree, call the Village Hall.

Beecher Water is Safe
Someone recently made a comment concerning the safety of our drinking water.  At times, your water may appear to be rusty and there may be several reasons for that: a water main break, hydrant flushing, or possibly your water softener, hot water heater or filtration system. Our drinking water is periodically tested.  Once a year, in July we are required to publish a Consumer Confidence Report in the newspaper and on our website indicating the quality of our water. At any time, if you have a question or concern over the quality of our drinking water, please call the Village Hall.

Thanks for taking the time to read our newsletter, have a great Spring and Summer!

Greg Szymanski
   Village President


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